Second Year

Webwise Lockers Programme

1st and 2nd year students participated in the Lockers programme from Webwise on both the 2nd and 4th October 2018. As part of our school’s commitment to promoting internet safety, students learned the law on the sharing of intimate content. They explored the consequences of sharing explicit images, victim blaming and the negative influences on our online actions. Students were equipped with the skills to refrain from sexting and the sharing of self-generated, illicit images.

1st and 2nd Year Buddhism Educational Workshops

We were delighted to welcome Sakhya Prema and the team from BHS who came over from the UK to deliver workshops on the Buddhist religion. During these workshops, 1st and 2nd year students explored Mahayan and Theravada Buddhist culture. They were given a detailed understanding of India and Asia's ancient history; reincarnation and Netwon's law of karma. Students gained a deeper understanding of self and the external bodies of mind and senses. They experienced Buddhist music, gongs and singing bowls; as well as how sound is essentially spiritual.

2nd Year Trip to a Hindu Temple and Islamic Mosque

Diversity Week 2017 commenced with a trip to two sacred places of worship. 2nd year students began their morning with a visit to the Hindu Vinayaka Temple in Kingswood. They were given an introduction to the beliefs, practices and rituals that are practiced by the local community of Hindu believers. Time was spent observing morning prayers that were led by Priest Sri Muthu Swamy Ranganathan. Students loved the sights, smells and decorations surrounding statues of the Hindu gods. They even got to witness the many offerings that were made to Lord Vinayaka.

Second Year Walk

Second Year Hike
Second Year Hike
Second Year Hike

Although the day began ominously with the patter of a few raindrops, the classes of 2R and 2G managed to get some of the best of the May weather last Thursday, 21st May on their hike. With a delayed start to the day, the group was put through a forced march to the Clontarf dart station to catch the 9.10am hourly train to Greystones. With minutes to spare the train was boarded and the journey to Wicklow began.