First year

Webwise Lockers Programme

1st and 2nd year students participated in the Lockers programme from Webwise on both the 2nd and 4th October 2018. As part of our school’s commitment to promoting internet safety, students learned the law on the sharing of intimate content. They explored the consequences of sharing explicit images, victim blaming and the negative influences on our online actions. Students were equipped with the skills to refrain from sexting and the sharing of self-generated, illicit images.

1st and 2nd Year Buddhism Educational Workshops

We were delighted to welcome Sakhya Prema and the team from BHS who came over from the UK to deliver workshops on the Buddhist religion. During these workshops, 1st and 2nd year students explored Mahayan and Theravada Buddhist culture. They were given a detailed understanding of India and Asia's ancient history; reincarnation and Netwon's law of karma. Students gained a deeper understanding of self and the external bodies of mind and senses. They experienced Buddhist music, gongs and singing bowls; as well as how sound is essentially spiritual.

1st and 3rd Year Workshops on Israeli Culture & Religion

Alan Lyne and Enya Harrison from Maynooth University Israel Society met with students from Rosmini Community School on Wednesday 8th November 2017. 1st and 3rd year students were invited to explore the different religions and communities that exist in Israel. They learned about traditional kosher foods that are consumed at the dinner table by Israelis. Alan and Enya taught a few words of greeting in Hebrew, the official language of Israel. Students were informed of different genres of music that are popular in this middle eastern country.

SVP TY Befriending/Education Project

Pupils participate in the SVP TY Befriending/Education Project
Pupils participate in the SVP TY Befriending/Education Project
Pupils participate in the SVP TY Befriending/Education Project

The first meeting of the 1st Year Homework Buddies Club took place on Wednesday, 20th September 2017. A group of Transition Year mentors were trained to assist the 1st year students with their written homework and revision tasks. Each TY mentor was allocated a select number of students to work closely with during the session. Mentors made a checklist of tasks that their 1st year buddies had to complete. They offered instruction, guidance and support to the 1st year students, helping them to complete their homework.

Lockers Student Internet Safety Blog - Part 3

1. Why you shouldn't send inappropriate pictures first of all

It is against the law if your under 18 and you can be put on the sex offenders list if you get caught. If you send a picture to a boy/girl they can use it to embarrass you and once you send a photo to someone you can never get rid of that photo also. If he/she asks you for a photo just say no and then you don't have to worry about getting caught or any embarrassment.

2. Advice to victims of non-consensual sharing of intimate material

Lockers Student Blog - Part 1

1st year students completed the Lockers Programme, which aims to assist schools in coping with and preventing the sharing of explicit self-generated images of minors.

As part of this programme, students examined the law on intimate image-sharing, the emotions involved in incidents of non-consensual sharing of such content, the issue of victim blaming and the influence of peer pressure with regard to our behaviour using digital media.

1A Culture Project

For the past few weeks 1A have been exploring different societies, cultures and traditions as part of their class with Ms. Flynn and Ms. A. Kavanagh. We have learned all about England and enjoyed a Christmas themed afternoon tea. We all had a really enjoyable time and dined like royalty. We are looking forward to exploring many other countries this year. Passports at the ready!