Developing Active Listening Skills - Day 1 of Ember Training 2017-2018

On Monday 4th September 2017, Jack Coleman, Orianna Murray and Ethan Hackett Kissane commenced their Ember training in Avoca Manor. The focus of the first day's activities was on learning how to communicate effectively as a team. Students explored how to listen to the needs of their fellow students, how to observe and watch for signals that may be presented to them, and how to plan an appropriate response to meet those needs.

Ember Group Meeting

Our Ember group attended a very important meeting on Monday along with ten other schools who participate in the program. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss their journey so far in the Ember program and to participate in some reflection and prayer. They also got the chance to learn some more about sacred spaces.
Anna McGee the diocesan adviser facilitated the day and invited along Fr.Peter McVerry to give an insightful talk on his faith development and the amazing work he does with the homeless here in Dublin.