Ember Graduation 2018

Our Ember Team were invited to Clonliffe College today for a special graduation celebration. Father Peter McVerry spoke to students about his work with the homeless. He encouraged the young people present to treat those most vulnerable in society with compassion & dignity. Our team members reflected on their journey over the past year in a beautiful liturgy. Rosmini joined forces with Loreto Foxrock for a lip sync performance of the Cha-Cha Slide. Congratulations to our Ember Team for completing a wonderful year of service to others in our school.

Ember Renewal Day

The Ember Team were invited to talk about all of the wonderful work that they been doing in Rosmini over the past academic year. From organsing events such as Friendship Day and an Intercultural Fair to running a weekly lunchtime club called First Aid for the Mind, our students spoke of their commitment to promoting positive mental health and the celebration of diversity in our school community. In a morning liturgy, our team were blessed with a holy oil to give them strength to serve as mentors to other students in the months ahead.

Saint Vincent de Paul Food Appeal

The Ember Team have been busy organising this year's SVP Food Appeal. They spoke to every class group about how they can help people in need in their local community by donating non-perishable festive food items to help families and individuals enjoy an extra-special Christmas meal. Posters were displayed around the school promoting the Appeal. The Ember team collected food items that were placed in boxes in designated classrooms in the school over the past three weeks. Local SVP volunteer James Byrne offered thanks to all the students of Rosmini for donating food items.

Mindful Mondays with the Ember Team

Every Monday lunch break from 13.15-13.40, 3rd and 6th year students are invited to take part in Mindfulness Meditation. The Ember Team prepare a meditative space for students to gather and reflect. They encourage students to have some quiet time away from their busy school schedules. Body & Breath, Mindful Mountain, Loving Kindness and Reduce Anxiety are just some of the guided meditations that students participate in. The Ember Team distribute Self Care packs to students.

Friendship Day 2017

The Ember team invited 1st Year and Transition Year students to participate in an exciting day of events to celebrate Friendship Day in Rosmini. Students had lots of fun getting to know one another through icebreakers such as musical chairs and pass the roll. The remainder of the morning was spent exploring key skills that are needed to help build and sustain positive relationships in their lives. Through Speed Talking and Guess the Picture, students' communication skills were put to the test.

Friendship Day 2017

The Ember Team will host a Friendship Day for 1st Year students to officially welcome them to Rosmini Community School. With the support of Transition Year students, they will participate in a series of activities that focus on communication, co-operation, sharing, respect and tolerance. The purpose of this day is to give students the opportunity to become acquainted with one another in an informal setting. The day's events will be both fun and reflective for all involved.

Commitment Ceremony - Day 3 of Ember Training

On the final day of training in Avoca Manor, students held their first meeting of the school year with individuals nominated to key roles on the committee. Jack Coleman was elected as Chairperson of the Ember team, with Jade Fitzsimons serving as Public Relations, Ethan Hackett Kissane as Treasurer and Orianna Murray in the role of Secretary. Bishop Eamon Walsh presided over a very beautiful commitment ceremony as students received their Ember certificates and badges for the year. We would like to wish our students the very best in their roles.

Lessons in Leadership and Teamwork - Day 2 of Ember Training 2017-2018

The second day of Ember training was jam packed with activities in which students were challenged to look at how they could work more effectively as a team during the school year. Jack, Orianna and Ethan spent the morning making a sculpture out of pins and straws, which enabled them to learn about how little/much different behaviours can affect group members in their endeavour to accomplish goals. Students identified gifts and talents that they can use to serve the needs of their school community.