Diversity Week Intercultural Fair 2017

It is often said that strength lies in differences and not in similarities. Students of Rosmini Community School hosted an Intercultural Fair on Tuesday 7th November 2017. This fair showcased the very best food, music, language, artwork, customs and traditions from the different countries & communities that our students represent. Beautiful Bangladeshi gowns and Japanese kimonos were on display for all to see. Students learned key phrases in French, Portuguese and Irish. Traditional African instruments were played as well as the samba guitar & ukulele.

1st and 2nd Year Buddhism Educational Workshops

We were delighted to welcome Sakhya Prema and the team from BHS who came over from the UK to deliver workshops on the Buddhist religion. During these workshops, 1st and 2nd year students explored Mahayan and Theravada Buddhist culture. They were given a detailed understanding of India and Asia's ancient history; reincarnation and Netwon's law of karma. Students gained a deeper understanding of self and the external bodies of mind and senses. They experienced Buddhist music, gongs and singing bowls; as well as how sound is essentially spiritual.

1st and 3rd Year Workshops on Israeli Culture & Religion

Alan Lyne and Enya Harrison from Maynooth University Israel Society met with students from Rosmini Community School on Wednesday 8th November 2017. 1st and 3rd year students were invited to explore the different religions and communities that exist in Israel. They learned about traditional kosher foods that are consumed at the dinner table by Israelis. Alan and Enya taught a few words of greeting in Hebrew, the official language of Israel. Students were informed of different genres of music that are popular in this middle eastern country.

The Big Religion Quiz

Diversity Week gives students the opportunity to explore the beliefs, traditions and rituals in each of the major world religions. Their knowledge of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Religious Culture in Ireland was put to the test in an interactive quiz. The results from all of the teams that participated was very impressive. Congratulations to Tuomas, Martha, Gabriel and Flaviu from TY on topping the scoreboard.

2nd Year Trip to a Hindu Temple and Islamic Mosque

Diversity Week 2017 commenced with a trip to two sacred places of worship. 2nd year students began their morning with a visit to the Hindu Vinayaka Temple in Kingswood. They were given an introduction to the beliefs, practices and rituals that are practiced by the local community of Hindu believers. Time was spent observing morning prayers that were led by Priest Sri Muthu Swamy Ranganathan. Students loved the sights, smells and decorations surrounding statues of the Hindu gods. They even got to witness the many offerings that were made to Lord Vinayaka.


On Thursday 12th October 2017, 6th year students and the Ember Team attended Zeminar in the RDS Arena. This event promotes the development and wellbeing of young people in Ireland today. Throughout the day, students attended workshops on mental health and career development, listened to talks from influential speakers, received essential resources and participated in fun activities. Thanks to Ms Kearon for helping to organise a great day out.

Diversity Week Day 5: Friday 10th November 2017

Friday 10th November 2017:
09.30-10.10: Faith Talk - 3rd year talk on Evangelicals & their beliefs (presented by Pastor Nick Park of the Evangelical Alliance of Ireland)
12.20-13.00: Secularism Talk - 6th year talk on Atheism & the separation of Religion and State (with chair, Michael Nugent, & Human Rights Officer, Jane Donnelly, of Atheist Ireland).
14.40-15.40: Celebrating Diversity - Inter-faith Prayer Service with 1st, 2nd year and TY students.

Diversity Week Day 4: Thursday 9th November 2017

Thursday 9th November 2017:
Interactive Buddhism Workshops (hosted by Buddhism for Schools
09.05-10.45: 1st years & invited primary school students
10.45-12.00: 2nd years & invited primary school students

Exploring different ways to communicate - Interactive workshops for 1st & 2nd year students
13.40-14.20: Introduction to Irish Sign Language (with Mr Gueret)
14.20-15.00: Introduction to Braille (with Ms Markey)