Lockers Student Internet Safety Blog - Part 3

1. Why you shouldn't send inappropriate pictures first of all

It is against the law if your under 18 and you can be put on the sex offenders list if you get caught. If you send a picture to a boy/girl they can use it to embarrass you and once you send a photo to someone you can never get rid of that photo also. If he/she asks you for a photo just say no and then you don't have to worry about getting caught or any embarrassment.

2. Advice to victims of non-consensual sharing of intimate material

Lockers Student Blog - Part 1

1st year students completed the Lockers Programme, which aims to assist schools in coping with and preventing the sharing of explicit self-generated images of minors.

As part of this programme, students examined the law on intimate image-sharing, the emotions involved in incidents of non-consensual sharing of such content, the issue of victim blaming and the influence of peer pressure with regard to our behaviour using digital media.

Zen Buddhist Talk & Guided Meditation with T.Y

Myozan Kodo, Reverend of Zen Buddhism Ireland, met with Transition Year students on Monday 22nd May 2017. They were invited to partake in a Zen Buddhist Guided Meditation. As part of this meditation, students completed a Body Scan to bring peace and harmony to their very being.

In his talk, Myozan stated that the Zen school of Buddhism emphasises doing meditation without a goal, with the belief that everyone is already inherently enlightened. Myozan said that the Soto Zen Buddhist expresses this belief through seated, silent meditation.

6th Year Wellbeing Programme (NiteLine and Bodywhys)

In the last term of school, 6th year students participated in our Wellbeing Programme. They received talks from various organisations that promote positive mental health and self-care.

On Tuesday 16th May 2017, students met with a volunteer from NiteLine, which is a listening, support and information service run by and for a number of affiliated third level colleges & universities. They were encouraged to make use of this support service next September if they ever feel like the need to talk to someone who will listen, accept and understand without judging.

Talking Social Justice

In Rosmini, we aim to raise awareness of issues of social injustice affecting the lives of human beings in the world today. We encourage our students to act as ambassadors of justice and peace. This involves each of them actively using their voice to express dissatisfaction with the persecution, exclusion, alienation and marginalisation of those who are denied their human rights.

Practicing Self-Care with ReachOut

As part of our Student Wellbeing Programme in Rosmini, 6th Year students received a talk from, an online youth mental health service. They were introduced to the resources that this site provides in supporting young people going through a tough time. With increased numbers of young people at risk of self-harm and suicide, students learned of the importance of providing quality assured mental health information and support services in society.