Art Department

6S Visit NCBI Ceramics Workshop

As part of their Craft and Design task, 6S and Ms Keenan visited the NCBI to see Terry Cartin in the Ceramics workshop. The students were undertaking research for their Ceramic tile wall panel group task. "Older" (!) visitors to our school may remember the wonderful ceramic and screen print wall panels displayed in the reception area. We look forward to seeing the completed work following assessment of the task next February.

National Print Museum

Ms Keenan organised a trip to the National Print Museum in Beggar's Bush Barracks with class 5S and the 5th year Art and English classes. 5S were covering a module in printmaking and they were learning about the history of print as part of the research aspect of their Key Assignments. They got to typeset a poster and print it as well in the old fashioned way of making a print.

Museum website: