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Wellbeing Week - Be Connected & Be Respected

The theme of our third day of Wellbeing Week was Be Connected and Be Respected. There was a strong emphasis on reaching out and caring for one another. The Ember team greeted every student as they made their way into school in the morning time. They handed out inspiring messages and goodies in an effort to give every student a positive start to their day. A coffee morning and concert was held for the residents of Nazareth House. Mr Gueret & Ms McHale led the students & residents who took part in a lovely service of friendship. Ms McSwiney provided the music and invited all those present to sing a number of feel good classic hits that the residents would be familiar with & enjoy. Tea, coffee and cakes were served afterwards. It was so nice to see our students spend quality time in conversation with the residents. This service was held to give our students the opportunity to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of others in the wider community. We reminded students of how important it is to offer a hand of friendship and support, especially to those who would cherish it most.