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Wellbeing Week - Be Aware

During today’s workshops, 3rd and 5th year students were encouraged to be more aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. They learned that it is our response that often determines how well we are able to overcome difficult circumstances. 5th years looked at how much worry & fear affects each of their own lives. They explored some of the common ways that people attempt to control feelings of anxiety. The focus of this workshop was on encouraging students to open up to distressing thoughts and accepting how they make one feel. 3rd years drew a distinction between healthy and unhealthy stress levels during their workshop. After exploring the causes of stress in the lives of teenagers today, they practiced a series of mindfulness techniques to help them find acceptance in how they feel in a way that helps them to move on and let go. At the lunchbreak, 1st & 2nd year students were invited to be more compassionate and appreciative of themselves in a Loving Kindness guided meditation. The theme of today’s events was Be Aware.