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We are all different. We are all beautiful: Diversity Prayer Service

To mark the end of Diversity Week 2017, 1st, 2nd and Transition Year students participated in a beautiful multi-faith prayer service. Prayers, reflections and scriptural readings from the major world faiths and philosophies were shared during the service. Students came together to celebrate the gift of diversity that helps make Rosmini the vibrant school community that it is today. School Chaplain, Mr Gueret, and Religion teacher, Mr Coulter, led a very inclusive and open gathering. During the service, students explored the devastating effects of using religion as a means to express hatred in communities across the world. They looked at how they can make a difference by having a greater respect and tolerance for religions and beliefs that are different to their own. 2nd year students, under the direction of Ms Mullen, enriched the celebration with a flavour of international song. Diversity Week was a great success. Students were engaged in a series of activities throughout the week that promoted greater awareness and tolerance of different beliefs, cultures and traditions in today's society. A very special thanks to all who helped to make this week truly memorable