Transition Year Students Impress Minister Bruton

The Transition Years spent their Friday morning showing off their ICT and Engineering skills to the Minister of Education, Richard Bruton. This took place in the Lego Innovation Studio in DCU. He was greatly impressed with the skills and enthusiasm on show. Thanks to the Transition Years for doing so well and to Mr McNamara for leading the team.

The Minister used the occasion to launch the "School Excellence Fund – Digital." Minister Bruton said, “The School Excellence Fund is designed to ensure that innovation in schools is supported and rewarded". .

Earlier this month, referring to Rosmini in the Dail, the minister said "I know this school well. The major project for Rosmini Community School is included in the six year construction programme, announced on 17 November 2015. The building project will provide a new 350 student post primary school with an multiple disability and visual impairment unit on the site of existing school building." Minister Bruton later commented on "the excellent work that was done and continues to be done in that school".