Talking Social Justice

In Rosmini, we aim to raise awareness of issues of social injustice affecting the lives of human beings in the world today. We encourage our students to act as ambassadors of justice and peace. This involves each of them actively using their voice to express dissatisfaction with the persecution, exclusion, alienation and marginalisation of those who are denied their human rights.

On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th May 2017, representatives from advocacy groups were invited to our school. 6th year students were given the chance to discuss homelessness and the issues people who are homeless may face, with the aim of breaking down any negative stereotypes some of them may have around the subject in a talk facilitated by Focus Ireland.

Transition Years explored the role that Trocaire plays in supporting the work of documenting human rights violations and challenging those responsible, and empowering marginalised people, especially women, to participate in governance processes and demand accountability from their governments. They were challenged to consider ways that they too can raise awareness about the root causes of poverty and inequality.