Students attend play in Smock Alley Theatre

As part of the Leaving Certificate Applied course, class 6S went to see God Has No Country in Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre.
Students were blown away by writer and actor Donal Courtney's one-man performance of Monsignor Hugh O Flaherty, the Irish priest who helped 6,500 Jews hide from the Nazis in WWII. Students were lucky enough to speak to Courtney afterwards and were given insights into the life of a theatre actor and writer.

Quite apart from the importance of the play, the visit was a chance to visit Ireland's oldest theatre. As the theatre website says, "We stand next to the founding site of Dublin, where battles raged amongst Celtic settlers and marauding Vikings. And, in turn, settled Vikings tried in vain to defend attacks from invading Normans. By the time our theatre was built we were part of the Kingdom of England and were under the rule of King Charles II. The city was one of the most important in the Kingdom, so much so, that it was given its own Theatre Royal. Indeed, we were the first and only Theatre Royal ever to be built outside the great walls of London."