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Student Council Members attend Comhairle na Nóg Meeting

On Monday 19th November Sarah, Sean and Rory attended a Comhairle na Nóg meeting in Croke Park. The lord mayor formally opened the meeting at 9:45am and told us the topics we would be discussing, these were: education, young people online, physical wellness & the environment. We got the opportunity to talk to existing Comhairle members about any questions we had. From this I learned that Comhairle members meet every month in Dublin City Council's building. The chairperson or secretary meet every 1-2 weeks. There are 63 elected members at any one time on Comhairle (and that's just in Dublin). After lunch, we talked about our 4 topics. We wrote down what we thought of them, how they affect us as young people and what changes we would like to see.

The election of 36 new members of Comhairle na nÓg was next on the agenda. We had been split up into zones: green, purple and blue. Rory and I both decided to go for election. We had to make a short speech in front of everyone from our zone, the green zone. Rory and I both got elected onto Comhairle! We'll find out more information regarding meetings and other commitments later. (Thanks to Sarah for describing the day)