Promoting Positive Wellbeing & Resilience in Adolescents

‘Your attitude, not your aptitude determines your altitude in life’. Young people today are faced with increasing pressures to fit in with their peers, to find acceptance and to fulfill the expectations that have been placed upon them in society. These pressures have been amplified through the digital mediums that they use to connect with the world. As an Amber Flag School, we are actively committed to teaching our students the emotional skills that will enable them to proactively deal with these pressures. Members of staff and a number of parents attended a talk on wellbeing, resilience and stress management for post-junior cert students from John Doran, author of the Ways to Wellbeing Programne in the Larkhill/Whitehall Parish Centre on Wednesday 7th March 2018. John gave a highly informative and motivational talk about helping our students to realise their true worth and potential in life. John suggested a mindfulness-based approach to enable these young men and women to develop a positive outlook to life, even in the face of potential disappointment and failure.