Practicing Self-Care with ReachOut

As part of our Student Wellbeing Programme in Rosmini, 6th Year students received a talk from, an online youth mental health service. They were introduced to the resources that this site provides in supporting young people going through a tough time. With increased numbers of young people at risk of self-harm and suicide, students learned of the importance of providing quality assured mental health information and support services in society.
During the talk, students identified issues affecting the mental health of young people such as stress & anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, revenge porn, body image, bereavement & loss, etc. They discussed the signs to look out for if a friend, classmate or family member is in distress.
A variety of relaxation exercises, strategies for coping with loneliness, maintaining a healthy body image and working on building self-esteem were highlighted during a highly informative and engaging class discussion.