Pancake Tuesday Celebration

Students of 1A celebrated Pancake Tuesday in style this week. They learned that this day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, is the day before the Christian time of Lent. To avoid wasting food before Lent began, Christians in the past had a feast using all of the ingredients that would go bad before they could eat it again. Pancakes were a dish that used up the foods by adding some flour.

Students reflected on Lent as a time for Christians to give up something special like chocolate. This reminds them when Jesus when into the desert to pray and fast. To prepare for Easter, students wrote about one thing that they would give up for Lent this year. They discussed the importance of making small sacrifices for Jesus during Lent.

To celebrate the occasion, students decorated their own pancakes with delicious sweet toppings. 1A had a wonderful feast.

Mr Gueret - Chaplain