Maths Week

Tessellation Competition

We kicked off with a Tessellation (Tiling) Design Competition for Transition Years. There were some really cool, original, clever and eye-catching designs. Cian Ryan’s winning design shown here has hints of Aztec Art.


Math’s Trail

Our First Years went on a Maths Trail around the neighbourhood using their ‘Maths Eyes’. They were encouraged to see Maths all around them in the form of Geometrical Shapes on houses, road signs, roads and footpaths. They noted that house numbers were odd on one side of the road on Gracepark Terrace and even on the other side. They talked about why bus-stops have numbers on them. When they examined street signs they discovered that Pobalscoil Rosmini is in Dublin 9 but Philipsburgh Avenue around the corner is in Dublin 3. They checked out some prices at the shops and figured out why goods were priced at €9.99 rather than €10.

Maths is Fun (DCU)