Lockers Student Internet Safety Blog - Part 2

School Policy on the Non-Consensual Sharing of Inappropriate Content
'Sending nuisance text messages, or the unauthorised taking of images with a mobile phone camera, still or moving, is in direct breach of the school’s acceptable use policy.'

We chose this sentence from the Acceptable Use of the Internet policy because it relates to the topics we’ve been discussing in class over the past few weeks. This sentence clearly indicates that it is against school rules for students to take unauthorised pictures of someone, either with a mobile phone or camera and post them on the internet. If this rule is broken, then action can be taken against the person in question. It is illegal for anyone to post images online without gaining consent from the other person. If you post somebody’s picture online without their consent or knowledge, then you can cause a lot of problems for that person, as the image could be shared and go viral, leaving a person open to extremely negative remarks or comments, or even bullying.