Lessons in Leadership and Teamwork - Day 2 of Ember Training 2017-2018

The second day of Ember training was jam packed with activities in which students were challenged to look at how they could work more effectively as a team during the school year. Jack, Orianna and Ethan spent the morning making a sculpture out of pins and straws, which enabled them to learn about how little/much different behaviours can affect group members in their endeavour to accomplish goals. Students identified gifts and talents that they can use to serve the needs of their school community. These skills were put to the test in outdoor activities such as the Leap of Faith, Jacob's Ladder and Rock-climbing. After a fabulous performance of a drama skit for their peers, Jack, Ethan and Orianna enjoyed a good sing song under a starlit sky at the bonfire. Roasted marshmellows went down a treat.