ISPCC Shield My School Anti-Bullying Campaign

Rosmini Community School has been invited to participate in the ISPCC's (Irish Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children) Shield Campaign in 2017-2018.

The Shield Programme provides resources to help young people with the necessary coping skills to deal with and protect themselves from bullying.
To prepare for this campaign, 1st and Transition Year class groups received a talk from Monica Rowe, the School's Liaison Officer for the ISPCC. Students explored the services that the ISPCC provides for young people in Ireland such as Childline, therapeutic support for victims of trauma, and the work with various organisations to build awareness of risks to children.

Monica introduced students to the Shield Campaign. She discussed the fantastic opportunity that it gives in developing students' awareness of the impact certain behaviours can have on others, as well as focusing on personal development, innovation, and creativity, business and marketing skills. Students were given ideas for the fundraising project that they will organise in the next academic year.