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Greta Just Outside the Medals

Rosmini past pupil, Greta Streimikyte, narrowly missed out on a bronze medal position in the final of the Paralympics 1500m race in Rio, Brazil last Saturday. She fell behind early on to avoid any possible jostling and had a difficult job to catch up with the pack.

Watch an interview with Greta on her twitter page

After the race she explained to the media: “I’m still a little bit in shock because it was a fast race. I suppose I need time to process what happened and how it all went and all kind of stuff but I can’t complain, I still improved and got my PB and that is great. The fast start kind of ruined my tactics, not ruined them, but I was thinking after the first run on Thursday that you’re kind of dragging girls but it happened different and the girls dragged me. It’s great, I’m happy and you can’t complain. Go home and work harder and yeah maybe I didn’t get the medal this time but that is the good lesson. It’s never too much, you have too work, work, work and work a bit harder.”

Greta Streimikyte recovers after the final - from Irish Times