Friendship Day 2017

The Ember team invited 1st Year and Transition Year students to participate in an exciting day of events to celebrate Friendship Day in Rosmini. Students had lots of fun getting to know one another through icebreakers such as musical chairs and pass the roll. The remainder of the morning was spent exploring key skills that are needed to help build and sustain positive relationships in their lives. Through Speed Talking and Guess the Picture, students' communication skills were put to the test. 1st Years & TYs learned how to co-operate and work as teams by creating tall, freestanding objects out of straws and pins. An inter-Faith prayer service was held in the afternoon to help 1st Years reflect on the gifts and talents that they can put to good use in the year ahead. A special thanks to the Ember Team, Ms Mullen, Mr Coulter and all staff for making this day an enjoyable experience for all.
Mr Gueret - School Chaplain