Ethan's Transition Year Blog Day 2

Ethan sent us this news at 8pm last night as the (literally) magical evening activities were in full swing. Just as well Monday is a bank holiday, these guys and girls could sleep for a week after this!

All going fantastic but Mr Gallagher has quit his job and found a new career...
We are having a blast at our evening activity learning all sorts of tricks!
Seriously though, this is a fantastic bonding experience. We have lots of opportunities to develop our team work and leadership skills. We are testing ourselves with each new activity and growing our confidence all the time.

What's next? Watersports and later tag tomorrow; can't wait and can't stop!

This has been one of the greatest trips we have ever been on and we are all growing closer together as a result. It has been an absolute blast!

Magic night in Carlingford
Mr Gallagher tries his skills at holding a plate up with a stick