Ethan's Transition Year Blog

Following an early start, a two-hour trip and a 16 km hike, Ethan Hackett Kissane still managed to find the time to send us his first nightly blog. Thanks Ethan!

So today we started off in Rosmini at 8.15am, like could it have been earlier? We then hopped on the bus and left the school at 8.30am.

When we arrived we dumped our bags in the activity centre and started on our hike. We started off with a nice easy scenic route along the bay. We continued up through farmland and then proceeded up the treacherous mountain!

The mountain posed many threats .... such as bogs, rainbow sheep and a couple of cows... and a lot of rocks... a lot!

We continued on through the hike (which was 16 km, did I mention?!) All the same we had a blast and now we all have sore limbs and are ready for a good night's sleep after our evening activities.

One of Ethan's photos appears to show a student's head being twisted off. Please be assured that no pupils were harmed in the taking of the picture :)

Cows unperturbed by the Rosmini students
Students check out the field
Twist and shout
A well-deserved break at the summit
Mountain meets ocean in this beautiful scene