Ember Graduation 2017

On Thursday 11th May 2017, members of the Ember team were invited to a day of prayer, reflection and celebration in Marino Institute of Education.

Students received a very inspiring talk from Brother Byran Shortall about what it was like to grow up in the 1970s and 80s. He spoke about the sense of community and leadership shown by each of the Ember teams over the past year, which has enriched the lives of countless students. Brother Byran reflected on his vocation to share God's love with the most vulnerable in society. He thanked members of the Ember Programme for their willingness to be a support to other students in their respective school communities.

Each team was invited to participate in a symbolic procession and speak about what they have learned about themselves over the past year. Rosmini's Ember Team brought a picture of an Equalitree as a symbol of their commitment to fostering a culture of kindness and inclusivity in the school community.

A lip sync battle between each of the schools brought the day's proceedings to a delightful close.