Diversity Week Intercultural Fair 2017

It is often said that strength lies in differences and not in similarities. Students of Rosmini Community School hosted an Intercultural Fair on Tuesday 7th November 2017. This fair showcased the very best food, music, language, artwork, customs and traditions from the different countries & communities that our students represent. Beautiful Bangladeshi gowns and Japanese kimonos were on display for all to see. Students learned key phrases in French, Portuguese and Irish. Traditional African instruments were played as well as the samba guitar & ukulele. During the fair, students had the opportunity to explore Maltese and Bulgarian culture. Delicious Italian, German and Polish foods were sampled. Students learned about to write their names in mandarin. Our visually impaired students explained how to use technologies such as their braille typewriters and notepads. A special thanks to Ventsi Lyubenova from the Bulgarian Embassy for coming along to support our event. We are also grateful to both the Romanian and Japanese Embassies for kindly loaning some of their flags and materials for the fair.