Diversity Week Day 2: Tuesday 7th November 2017

Tuesday 7th November 2017:
09.30-10.10: Social Justice Food for Thought - 5th year talk on the problem of Racism in Ireland today & how we can overcome it (with representative from the Anti-Racism Network of Ireland).
10.50-11.30: Faith Talk - TY talk on Zen Buddhism with guided meditation (led by Zen Buddhist Priest Myozan Kodo from Zen Buddhism Ireland).

Intercultural Fair – Students will showcase the very best from the different countries, cultures and communities from which they belong in colourful displays.
13.40-14.20 – 1st & 2nd Years
14.20-15.00 – 3rd &Transition Years
15.00-15.40 – 5th & 6th Years