The Chocolate Warehouse

The fifth and sixth year Leaving Certificate Applied classes went on a trip to The Chocolate Warehouse with Mr Gavin and Ms Dodd as part of Science and Hotel Catering and Tourism. This was finished off with a well deserved trip to Mc Donalds. A great day was had by all. The two hour event, which included a 25 minute film, explained in detail the story of chocolate and how the cocoa beans are grown and harvested. The film shows the journey of the cocoa beans from the Aztecs to the factory and the process the cocoa beans go through to get the chocolate that we recognize today. The visitors were given a chocolate demonstration on how chocolates and Easter eggs are made. They were also shown the different machinery needed to make chocolate and the method of how to use a piping bag filled with chocolate. As always the fun part was the "hands on" session. The visitors put on aprons like a true chocolatier and started the business of coating chocolates, adding toppings and hand piping with white chocolate. All participants got to decorate and package the chocolate to take home.

The Chocolate Warehouse, Greenhills, Dublin