Catholic Schools Week

The theme of Catholic School’s Week 2017 is Caring for Our Common Home. Students in Rosmini learned the importance of protecting our environment. They explored the devastating effects of climate change on people and the planet that was highlighted by Pope Francis in his encyclical, Laudato Si.

A variety of activities had taken place throughout the week to help create awareness of this issue….

Team Ember placed sticky notes on the desks of 1st year students featuring inspiring messages in an effort to brighten up their day.

6th year students designed an Equalitree and an environmentally-friendly prayer space with important reminders of our role in helping to protect the natural beauty of this earth.

3rd year students took part in an interactive quiz to find out how big their ecological footprint is to help them reflect on the changes that they need to make to live more green.

1st year students were set a challenge of making time capsules filled up with belongings that remind them of their hobbies, interests, hopes and dreams, which will be buried in the school grounds & unearthed in 6 years when they will graduate.