Business in the Community/ESB Partnership - Student Feedback

What the students themselves had to say about the experience:

“…we had a meet and greet with some of the employees. They talked about their work, their lives and how they got their jobs…” Amina

“…I enjoyed the trip to the E.S.B….The most interesting part would have to be the circuitry as it allowed me to work independently…” Ian

“I really enjoyed visiting the E.S.B. It was really useful to learn that you don’t have to go directly to college and that you can apply for an apprenticeship instead. ESB seems like a really enjoyable place to work. ESB is an environment that encourages life long learning and creativity which would be one of the top things to look for in a company…” Isaac

“…I really enjoyed it…the staff were very welcoming…my favourite part was the workshop/makeshop…” Ellen

“…I learned so many fascinating things about E.S.B. and the abundance of job opportunities available. The job I took particular interest in was in marketing….in summary, this was an amazing experience…” Octavian