Beat the January Blues - Promoting Student Wellbeing

The month of January can often be a very stressful time of year for students with settling back into the school routine and preparing for mock exams. Therefore, the Ember Team will be hosting a series of events in school throughout the month of January to help students reduce stress levels and learn how to take their of their physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

These events will include:
- Guided Meditations that encourage us to be more mindful
- Creative colouring and games activities to help us relax
- Visit from trained therapy dogs for lots of petting and cuddles
- Bubble popping zones to help combat stress
- An organised one mile walk to improve our physical health
- Free fresh fruit to encourage healthy eating
- A workshop that teaches us skills in how to reduce our anxiety levels
- A karaoke competition to remind us of the importance of having fun

Stay tuned for more information :)