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About Us

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Address: Rosmini Community School, Gracepark Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
(Please note that following flood damage to the school building, we are currently sited in temporary accommodation on the grounds of All Hallows College, also on Gracepark Road, pending construction of a new school)
Phone: 086 0122104


Rosmini College was founded by the Rosminian Order in 1970 to provide education for boys in the surrounding area. We moved to a permanent building in 1982 and became a community school with a Board of Management having general responsibility for the running of the school. The Board includes representatives from the Rosminian Order, the City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee, parents and teachers. This system gives all the key people involved in the pupils' education a chance to have a real say in the school's running and development. The school became co-educational in September 2002 with an intake of 20 girls into first year. We welcomed the first visually impaired girls to Rosmini Community School in November 2003.


The ethos of the school is adapted from the philosophy of Antonio Rosmini, the Italian Philosopher and founder of the order. He believed that real education must develop the whole person and so he focused on the following five areas of personality which he believed must be at the heart of the school's ethos:-

  • Intellectual Development: to encourage enquiring minds and academic excellence.
  • Physical Development: to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Moral Development: to ensure that students mature into responsible, caring adults.
  • Spiritual Development: to assist the formation of personal beliefs.
  • Aesthetic Development: to promote an appreciation of the arts.


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An enrolment form can be downloaded here

A Leaving Certificate Applied application form can be downloaded here


At Rosmini, we see parents / guardians and teachers as partners in the education of our students. Through proper use of the homework journal, parents / guardians are informed of their child's progress on a weekly basis. We hold a series of Parent / Teacher meetings during the year at which parents / guardians and teachers get a chance to meet each other and discuss the various issues relevant to the students' progress. Apart from these meetings, we welcome contact with parents / guardians on all occasions - not just when there are problems! Board of Management The Board of Management, including its Parents' Representatives, has overall responsibility for the running of the school. As such, parents have a real say in the running of the school and in the development of school policy. Parents' Association We enjoy the support of a very active Parents' Association. All new parents are considered members and are very welcome to become involved in both social and fund-raising activities. The school has benefitted greatly from the many extra resources that the Parents' Association has provided including the Computer Room. This up-to-date facility could not have been possible without the support from the parents and the Adult Education Department. Awards Night Towards the end of each year, we hold an awards night for students who have distinguished themselves academically, in sport and in various extra-curricular activities during the year. The Parents' Association provides a supper for the boys and their families after which we make the presentations. Not only is this a chance for us to show our appreciation of boys who have made extra effort during the year, but it is also a chance to meet their parents in an informal setting.


The school fully suscribes to the policy of community and comprehensive schooling - the provision of free second level education for all children irrespective of ability. In keeping with this policy, approximately 10% of the student population has a physically disability, mainly visually impaired. To facilitate the visually impaired there are four resource teachers responsible for tutorials, textbooks, Braille and liaising with the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) and the State Examinations Commission (SEC) and other bodies. A mobility teacher helps them acquire the necessary skills for eventual independent travel. As a community school, pupils of all denominations are welcome and a respect for diversity of beliefs is encouraged.


This home page is designed to give you an overall impression of the quality of education we offer at Rosmini Community School. Some of the school's particular strengths include:

  • A wide range of subjects in the curriculum - including modern languages, sciences and practical subjects such as Art, Woodwork and Metalwork.
  • Small class size - any class will have a maximum of thirty students and in practical classes, this is limited to twenty four. In practice, classes in Rosmini tend to be much smaller.
  • Integration of the visually impaired - we have found that this system encourages greater sensitivity and balance in all our students
  • An active Parents' Association whose ongoing fund-raising has provided us with extra facilities and has helped us to finance the extra-curricular activities in the school.


Pastoral Care

Good discipline is essential to a well-run school and, while sanctions are sometimes necessary, we emphasise a positive approach to behaviour and work practices.

Homework Journal

Every student has a homework journal in which he records all homework given each day. As well as encouraging students to organise their work, it gives parents / guardians a chance to check that their child is doing the required amount of homework.

At the end of every week, the journals are signed by the class tutor with appropriate comments where necessary. We ask that parents / Guardians also sign the journal every week so that they are kept informed of the student's progress.

Class Tutor and Year Head System

Every class in the school has a tutor and every year in the school has a year head. The tutor monitors homework, performance and attendance and signs each pupil's journal every week. This system ensures that every pupil has a chance to develop a special relationship with a particular teacher who will have a particular interest in his overall development.

Year Heads oversee the operation of the tutorial system and are available to give extra assistance and guidance where necessary. Specific problems are dealt with on an individual basis and continuous contact is made with parents / guardians.

Guidance and Counselling

All students in the school have access to our Career Guidance Counsellor who gives them information on careers. He also provides them with guidence and direction in making their life-choices and works with them right the way through their schooling. Past pupils have gone into all faculties of university and third-level colleges and in all walks of life, including banking, the civil service, computer technology, various trades and running their own businesses.

Another function of the Guidance Counsellor is to maintain links with the Confederation of Irish Industry, FAS, NRB and all other bodies relevant to helping our students establish careers. He is also in constant contact with universities and third level colleges in Ireland and throughout the United Kingdom. He attends meetings with parents and arranges aptitude tests for all pupils.