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3rd & 6th Year Exam Self-Care Workshops

On Tuesday 16th January 2018, 3rd and 6th year students participated in Exam Self-Care Workshops. Students were introduced to mindfulness practice as a tool for coping with the increased levels of stress, anxiety and pressure that may experienced during the mock exam period. They were invited to take part in practical exercises to equip them with the skills that are needed to practice self-care in the weeks ahead. Students were led on a Calming Anxiety Guided Meditation to help them release any tension that they may be feeling ahead of the their exams. Time was spent relaxing and unwinding by playing interactive games and doing some creative colouring. Students were reminded to keep hydrated, sleep and eat well, exercise regularly as well as connect with others over the next few weeks, The focus these workshops was on reminding students of the importance of looking after their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in their exam year. #Beat the January Blues #Rosmini