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3P Charity Campaign to help Inner City Helping Homeless

Congratulations to class 3P who ran a very successful campaign to raise money and awareness for Inner City Helping Homeless. Mr Darbey’s CSPE class raised €210 and also acquired a very generous donation of winter woolies from Penney’s.

(From charity website
Inner City Helping Homeless was formed in November 2013 to combat the ever growing homeless crisis that was clearly evident across the city of Dublin. We currently operate a seven day outreach service across the city, coinciding with out mobile outreach unit. Our outreach support service operates nightly providing access to beds, sleeping bags, food or case management referral. Inner City Helping Homeless operate a 16 hour daily mobile outreach service, responding to rough sleeper reports within 15 minutes of a call. This service is also operating 7 days per week.