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2nd Year Trip to a Hindu Temple and Islamic Mosque

Diversity Week 2017 commenced with a trip to two sacred places of worship. 2nd year students began their morning with a visit to the Hindu Vinayaka Temple in Kingswood. They were given an introduction to the beliefs, practices and rituals that are practiced by the local community of Hindu believers. Time was spent observing morning prayers that were led by Priest Sri Muthu Swamy Ranganathan. Students loved the sights, smells and decorations surrounding statues of the Hindu gods. They even got to witness the many offerings that were made to Lord Vinayaka.

As part of their study of Islam, students made their way to the Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh. During a guided tour of the Mosque, they learned more about the Five Pillars of Islam and the many traditions that are important to religious believers in this community of faith.

An enjoyable morning was had by all.

Mr Gueret - School Chaplain