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1 year 5 months
All this week the Student Council are hosting an Easter egg hunt for all students to take part in! Happy hunting!
1 year 6 months
Transition Year student Paul Geoghegan recently made his international debut at the German judo Blind Open at the -73kg category. Paul weighed in at 72.8kg and declared "phew, now it's time to eat!." There were many world ranking players in Paul's category so the important goal was to gain experience and prepare for the future. As coach and past pupil Colly Kiernan said, "The competition was...
1 year 6 months
St Patrick's Day preparation with 1A
Students of 1A gathered to reflect on the life and mission of our patron saint in advance on March 17th. They learned about his childhood in Wales, the time he spent in slavery as a shepherd and a very special call from God to return to Ireland to preach Christianity. Students learned about the story of St. Patrick and the ancient myths of Irish culture by engaging with symbols such as the...
1 year 6 months
One Book One Community
All first years are taking part in the One Book One Community initiative with 16 other primary and secondary schools in the area. They attended the opening ceremony on January the 20th. One Book One Community is a community reading project based on the successful One City One Book project that take place ever year in Dublin and in cities across the world. As part of One Book One Community...
1 year 6 months
Inspiring Tea Storytelling
5th year students were invited to a very special afternoon tea for Wellbeing Week. They took time out of their busy school timetable to read a reflection and a short story. Students learned that storytelling is the most effective way to merge meaning with emotions. They were asked to fully embrace these pieces of literature and to simply allow each of their stories to be told. Students reflected...
1 year 6 months
Sound Healing Workshop
First and Transition Year students were treated to a Sound Healing workshop with therapist Marta Lyszkiewiczo on Thursday 9th March 2017. Marta used voice sound vibrations to alleviate stress, pain, muscle tension, insomnia, fatigue and more. During each session, beautifully crafted metal therapy Tibetan singing bowls were placed over students. Marta then taped on the bowls following a specific...
1 year 6 months
Learning to combat fear and anxiety
As part of Wellbeing Week, 3rd year students explored their own response to fear and anxiety. They were invited to think of some of the things that they fear most in life, learning that we often expect the worst possible outcome. After identifying the physical symptoms of fear on the body, students completed a task to enable them to assess the extent to which worry and fears affects their lives....
1 year 6 months
Aromatherapy workshop
On Wednesday 8th March 2017, students of 1A and T.Y explored the healing benefits of essential oils with holistic practitioner Johann Callaghan. They learned that aromatherapy is a controlled use of oils that is used for therapeutic benefits. Johann spoke about how our poor diet and stressful lifestyle are increasingly causing skin irritations in today's busy world. Students were informed that an...
1 year 6 months
Sacred space
1st year students gathered together to mark the first year of their journey in Rosmini Community School. Through song, readings from scripture and prayer, they asked for God's help with study, friendships, sport, hobbies and everything that is part of our school. Team Ember offered 1st years important lessons that they have learned over the years in Rosmini. Students placed acrostic poems...
1 year 6 months
Zumba class in action
Physical exercise can improve mental health by reducing anxiety. A regular fitness routine can help you cope with stress and leave you feeling better about yourself. As part of Wellbeing Week, Ms Mullen offered students a Zumba class. Zumba is a fitness programme that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Students learned the moves of various dance routines and practiced them...